The "Dark Period" In Gregory Strachov's Art

Gregory Strachov, Artist

There is a period in Strachov's life that few know much about. There are some writings that were found to document this period. We know that this period followed the death of his father and continued for several years after his beloved grandmother 'Maria' had died. The paintings reveal compelling emotion on the part of this artist. We refer to this period as "Strachov's Dark period" because little is known other than what is evident in some of his writings and in the haunting images that he produced. The paintings that are shown here are directly related to the deaths of his father and his grandmother. One painting, "The Holocaust" is based on a story that his grandmother shared with him.

During 1986, Strachov was preparing for his one man show at the Butler Institute of American Art. He often listened to the second part of Beethoven's seventh symphony while preparing for his first major one man show, which took place December 27, 1987 through January 24th, 1988. A note from that period reveals his emergence from that dark period.

He refers to the anticipation of that first show as "Silent Distant Thunder".

In the sounds between the pauses
When the cello's cease to speak
Beethoven's seventh states its calling
To the visions my mind seeks.
To the grays I felt in winter
That my brushes now recall
To the silent distant thunder
That I listened to with awe.

Gregory Strachov ©